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Interdisciplinary Public Affairs (IPAF) Courses

IPAF 1001 [0.5 credit]
Investigations in Public Affairs

An introductory course emphasizing the development of writing, research, and analytical skills through the concentrated investigation of selected topics in Public Affairs. Topics will be offered by various Departments within the Faculty of Public Affairs. Topics may vary from year to year.
Prerequisite(s): permission of the Department within the Faculty of Public Affairs.
Seminar three hours per week.

IPAF 2000 [0.5 credit]
Quantitative Approaches to Policy Analysis

Related approaches to collecting, interpreting, and presenting quantitative information in the context of specific public policy issues such as immigration, globalization, discrimination, health care, and the environment. Development of fundamental logical, numerical, and statistical skills.
Prerequisite(s): open to students in any program other than those leading to one of the following degrees: B.Com., B.C.S., B.Eng., B.I.B., B.I.D., B.Math., B.Sc.
Lectures three hours a week, tutorials one and half hours a week.

IPAF 4900 [0.5 credit]
Research Experience Course

This course gives students an opportunity to participate in a research project designed by a faculty member. Students gain work experience, learn new materials, and acquire research-oriented skills. Course expectations, learning outcomes and evaluation criteria are established by the supervising faculty member.
Prerequisite(s): third year honours standing, GPA of 9.5 and permission of department.

Summer session: some of the courses listed in this Calendar are offered during the summer. Hours and scheduling for summer session courses will differ significantly from those reported in the fall/winter Calendar. To determine the scheduling and hours for summer session classes, consult the class schedule at

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