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African Studies (AFRI) Courses

AFRI 5000 [0.5 credit]
African Studies as a Discipline: Historical and Current Perspectives

This course examines the formation of African Studies as a discipline, including the historical and ongoing debates over its boundaries and genealogies and its changing research paradigms.

AFRI 5050 [0.5 credit]
Selected Topics in African Studies

A course on a selected topic in African Studies. Topic varies from year to year and will be announced in advance of registration period.
Also offered at the undergraduate level, with different requirements, as AFRI 4050, for which additional credit is precluded.

AFRI 5060 [0.5 credit]
African Feminisms

African feminisms as theoretical interventions and as political practice, and as diverse forms. Gender as a marker of power: status, hierarchy, social capability, and as a system of distribution of resources, responsibilities and solidarities.
Also offered at the undergraduate level, with different requirements, as AFRI 4060, for which additional credit is precluded.

AFRI 5100 [0.5 credit]
African Studies Abroad

Based at one of Carleton's partner universities in Africa, course will include lectures, seminars, guest speakers, field visits and group research projects to examine a topic in African studies, as selected by the instructor. Topic and location may change annually.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity

AFRI 5700 [0.5 credit]
Directed Readings in African Studies

A Tutorial on a selected topic in African Studies in which seminars are not available.

AFRI 5800 [0.0 credit]
Scholarly Preparation in African Studies

This course will provide scholarly preparation in African Studies by requiring participation in public talks as both audience member and presenter.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity

AFRI 5900 [0.5 credit]

Students spend up to one day a week participating in an organization that has an African focus, while carrying out tasks that have a scholarly content. Consult the Director of the Institute of African Studies.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity

AFRI 6000 [0.5 credit]
Thinking from Africa: Historical Perspectives, Contemporary Dimensions

Building upon the foundation provided in AFRI 5000, this course provides a multidisciplinary grounding in African thought and discourse from historical to contemporary perspectives.
Prerequisite(s): AFRI 5000 (may be taken concurrently).

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