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Digital Humanities (DIGH) Courses

DIGH 5000 [0.5 credit]
Issues in the Digital Humanities

Introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of the Digital Humanities, including the historical and ongoing debates over its boundaries, methodologies, objectives and values.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity

DIGH 5011 [0.5 credit]
Graduate Practicum in Digital Humanities

Practical on-site work in a public institution or private sector company (as available), including a written assignment or equivalent project in alternative format. In collaborating programs with practicum programs, a maximum of 1.0 practicum credit may be applied towards degree requirements.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity

DIGH 5012 [0.5 credit]
Directed Readings and Research in Digital Humanities

Students pursue topics in the Digital Humanities, which they select in consultation with a member of the graduate faculty of the program.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity

DIGH 5800 [0.0 credit]
Digital Humanities: Professional Development

This course allows students to participate with Digital Humanities scholars and professionals in public discussions of topics in the Digital Humanities, as both presenter and audience member. The course is graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory based on attendance and engagement.

DIGH 5902 [0.5 credit]
Special Topics in Digital Humanities

This course offers selected topics in Digital Humanities not available in the regular course offerings.

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