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BUSI 4111 [1.0 credit] Training and Development

Emphasizes contingency approach to training and development; relevant to organizations of all sizes and resource capacities. Effective training and development is conceptualized as a process that integrates extensive front and back-end planning, implementation, and evaluation activities.
Prerequisite(s): third-year standing, and one of BUSI 2101, BUSI 2121, BUSI 2702 (with a grade of B- or higher in each), and permission of the Sprott School of Business.
Lecture three hours and tutorial one hour per week.

COMP 4111 [0.5 credit] Data Management for Business Intelligence

Application of computational techniques to support business activities, such as decision making, business understanding, data analysis, business process automation, learning from data, producing and using data-centric business models, ontology-based data access and integration, data quality assessment and cleaning and use of contextual data.
Prerequisite(s): COMP 3005.
Also offered at the graduate level, with different requirements, as COMP 5111, for which additional credit is precluded.
Lectures three hours a week.