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EURR 2002 [0.5 credit] Europe and Russia in the World

The position of Europe, the European Union, and the Russian Federation in a global context, including geopolitical, economic, security, and human dimensions.
Prerequisite(s): second year standing.
Lecture and discussion three hours a week.

European and Russian Studies

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All candidates in the European and Russian Studies B.A., B.A. Honours and B.A. Combined Honours programs are required to demonstrate proficiency in a major regional language.  Language proficiency is defined as the completion of an intermediate level of university language instruction (two years, 2.0 Carleton credits).  Students who wish to count a relevant regional language that is not taught at Carleton should consult with and request approval from the Undergraduate Supervisor.  

Co-operative Education

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Undergraduate Calendar

...CRST, DBST, DIST, EACH, EURR, HIST, HRSJ, HUMR...PSYC 2001 and PSYC 2002 ; Obtained an Overall...