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GINSĀ 2020 [0.5 credit] Global Literatures

A study of the global dynamics of the contemporary literary imagination and literary production; literature as cultural practice; the politics of literary circulation; the politics of language and translation.
Prerequisite(s): second-year standing in B.G.In.S.
Lectures two hours a week, tutorials one hour a week.

Co-operative Education

Undergraduate Calendar term, GINS 3010 and GINS 3020 ; Obtained...first work term, ECON 2020, ECON 2102, ECON...

European and Russian Studies

Undergraduate Calendar

...1110 ; GERM 2020 ; GERM 2110 ; ITAL 2020 ; ITAL...ECON, ENST, GEOG, GEOM, GINS, GPOL, INAF, IPAF...