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IDES 1001 [0.5 credit] Industrial Design Analysis

Principles of comparative product design analysis covering marketing and sales, manufacturing techniques and materials, ambiance and qualities of the object/context relationship, and design analysis from the perspective of the designer, the end-user and the environment.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Also listed as ARCH 2101.
Prerequisite(s): IDES 1000 or ARCH 2006.
Lectures three hours a week.

Industrial Design

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Fourth-year students are required to register in IDES 4301 and IDES 4310 in the same academic year. One successfully completed Industrial Design Co-op work term between the third and fourth year of study is equivalent to  IDES 4400 . The electives chosen should serve to deepen the student's understanding of fields related to Industrial Design or disciplines that are relevant for industrial designers.

Bachelor of Industrial Design

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