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ISAP 3001 [0.5 credit] Principles and Applications in Data Analysis

Development of strategies for obtaining and analyzing data. Topics include: survey of publicly available science-data resources; identification of coincidental, correlational and causal relationships; statistical data-analysis techniques; concepts of risk and error propagation in measured and calculated values. Applications in the physical and biological sciences.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Prerequisite(s): ISAP 2002 and STAT 2507 or permission of the Institute.
Lecture and seminar three hours per week.

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The regulations presented in this section apply to all Bachelor of Science programs. In addition to the requirements presented here, students must satisfy the University regulations common to all undergraduate students including the process of Academic Continuation Evaluation (see the Academic Regulations of the University section of this Calendar).

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...following 2.0 credits: ISAP 3001 , ISAP 3002 , ISAP 3003 , ISAP 3004 ; Obtained an Overall...