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LANG 2110 [1.0 credit] Continuing Intensive Study of a Language

Further study of a selected language to reach a more advanced level of proficiency in a range of situations. Equal emphasis on oral and written language. The language taught will vary from year to year. Compulsory attendance.
Precludes additional credit for LANG 2900, LANG 2010 and LANG 2020 (when offered in the same language).
Prerequisite(s): grade of C or higher in LANG 1020 or LANG 1110, or permission of the School.
Seminars eight hours a week (one term).

European and Russian Studies

Undergraduate Calendar

...GERM 2110 ; ITAL 2020 ; ITAL 2110 ; PORT 2110...ITAL, JAPA, JOUR, KORE, LANG, LATN, MPAD, MUSI...