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LAWS 5000 [0.5 credit] Theories of Law and Social Transformation

Examines three groups of theories of law (liberal, sociological and Marxist) focusing on different ways law is conceived as an object of inquiry and on different accounts of trajectories of legal development. Potential of law for realizing or inhibiting social change provides analytic framework.

Legal Studies

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In addition to the graduate courses offered by the Department of Law and Legal Studies, students in the M.A. program are encouraged to take at least 0.5 credit in a related discipline, in consultation with the supervisor of graduate studies.

African Studies

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...English French International Affairs Law Political Science Sociology...identified as an INAF 5000-level course must...

International Affairs

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...identified as an INAF 5000-level course must...complete courses in international law to be specified...

Political Science

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...of Economics, Geography, History, Law, Philosophy, and Sociology...PSCI courses at the 5000-level with a...

Public Policy and Administration

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...Accelerated Pathway Requirements PADM 5000-level courses with...political economy, business administration, law, or similar degree...


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...Studies Governance, Regulation, and Law Cultural Studies Communication...two 0.5 credit 5000-level courses with...