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ECON 1401 [0.5 credit] Elementary Mathematics for Economics I

Functional relations: functional forms and error terms. Graphing economic magnitudes: scatter diagrams, time-series graphs, functional relationships. Applied calculus: mechanics of differentiation and integration, elasticity, consumer/producer surplus. Applied algebra: solving systems of linear equations and Keynesian national-income analysis. Problem solving approaches.
Also listed as MATH 1401.
Precludes additional credit for BIT 1000, BIT 1001, BIT 1100, BIT 1101, BIT 1200, BIT 1201, MATH 1007, MATH 1009, MATH 1104, MATH 1107, MATH 1119, MATH 1052, MATH 1152.
Prerequisite(s): Ontario Grade-12 U Advanced Functions, or MATH 0005, or equivalent; and ECON 1001 or ECON 1000 or FYSM 1003, which may be taken concurrently with ECON 1401.
Lectures three hours a week, tutorials one hour a week.


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