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Post-Baccalaureate Diploma

In addition to the requirements presented here, students must satisfy the University regulations (see the Academic Regulations of the University section of this Calendar).


A post-baccalaureate diploma is defined as a stand-alone undergraduate credential intended to:

  • qualify a candidate for consideration for entry into a master's program, or
  • bring a candidate who already possesses a bachelor's degree up to a level of a bachelor's degree of 20.0 credits or more in another discipline, or
  • provide a candidate who already possesses a twenty-credit bachelor's degree in the same discipline the opportunity to bring their previous studies to current equivalents and/or to examine alternative areas, or
  • provide a candidate with a professional undergraduate credential for which the prior completion of an undergraduate degree program is appropriate.

Program Requirements

  • A post-baccalaureate diploma is normally constituted of a minimum of 3.0 credits to a maximum of 5.0 credits of advanced undergraduate courses.
  • A minimum of 3.0 residency credits counting toward the post-baccalaureate diploma.

English as a Second Language Requirement

In addition to the program requirements, completion of English as a Second Language (ESLA) courses may be required from the following sequence: ESLA 1300, ESLA 1500, ESLA 1900. No credits from this sequence will be counted toward the post-baccalaureate diploma.


All post-baccalaureate diploma students are expected to complete their diploma requirements within two calendar years after the date of initial registration.  After this period student may be withdrawn.


  • A candidate for a post-baccalaureate diploma must have an overall CGPA of at least 6.5 to graduate.
  • A candidate for a post-baccalaureate diploma must obtain a grade of C- or higher in each course taken in fulfillment of the program requirements.
  • Students should consult with the Department, School or Institute when planning their diploma and selecting courses.