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B.G.In.S. Regulations

The regulations presented in this section apply to all Bachelor of Global and International Studies programs.

In addition to the program requirements and requirements presented here, students must satisfy the University regulations common to all undergraduate students including the process of Academic Continuation Evaluation (consult the Academic Regulations of the University section of this Calendar).

First-Year Seminars
B.G.In.S degree students are strongly encouraged to include a First-Year Seminar (FYSM) during their first 4.0 credits of registration. Students are limited to 1.0 credit of FYSM and can only register in a FYSM while they have first-year standing in their B.G.In.S program. Students who have completed the Enriched Support Program (ESP) or who are required to take a minimum of one English as a Second Language (ESLA) credit are not permitted to register in a FYSM.

Change of Specialization or Stream Within the B.G.In.S Degree
Students may change specialization or stream, or change from/to specialization or stream within the B.G.In.S. during the first or subsequent years of study if, upon entry to the new specialization or stream, they would be in good academic standing.

Students may apply to the Registrar's Office to be admitted to a minor during their first or subsequent years of study. Acceptance into a minor is normally subject to meeting the minimum CGPA requirements described in Section 3.1.9 of the Academic Regulations of the University, as well as any specific requirements of the intended minor as published in the relevant Calendar entry. B.G.In.S. Honours students may take a maximum of one minor.  B.G.In.S. students may take a maximum of two minors.