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6.1 Special Students

Special students may be admitted to a degree program if their academic achievement at Carleton University indicates a reasonable probability of future academic success. Previous post-secondary studies at other institutions will also be taken into consideration at the time the application for admission is evaluated. Students with previous, unsuccessful post-secondary studies should contact the Admissions Services before attempting to qualify for admission on the basis of studies as a Special student.

6.2 Application

Applications to study as a Special student are submitted online to the Registrar's Office at Applications must include transcripts from the most recent study (high school, post-secondary), as well as the application fee. Documentation provided must satisfy the English language requirements of the University (see 6.3 below).

6.3 Proficiency in English

Special students must satisfy the University English language proficiency requirement listed in the Admissions Regulations section.

6.4 Course Selection

Special students are eligible to register in most courses provided they meet prerequisites.  Space in certain courses may be limited and some courses are restricted to degree students. Restrictions and prerequisites are listed in the Class Schedule and the Calendar course description.

Special students planning on applying for admission to a program in the future are advised to note the specific Faculty requirements for course selection and the admission requirements for Special students as listed in this Calendar.

6.5 Course Load

Special students may enrol in a maximum of 1.0 credit in each of the summer, fall, and winter terms.

Special students who have completed at least 1.0 credit taken at Carleton University and have an Overall CGPA of at least 7.0 may petition to the Registrar's Office to register in a maximum of 1.5 credits in each of the summer, fall, and winter terms. Permission from the Registrar's Office is required.

Special students may enrol in 2.5 credits in each of the fall and winter terms, and in 2.0 credits in the summer term, if the student holds an undergraduate degree from a recognized post-secondary institution and presents official documentation to confirm their degree.

Students studying with an official approved Letter of Permission from a recognized post secondary institution will be permitted to enrol in the course load indicated on their Letter of Permission.

6.6 Academic Continuation Evaluation

Academic Continuation Evaluation (ACE) for Special students is carried out at the same time as for degree students. Special students receive their first Academic Continuation Evaluation once they have completed 2.0 credits since the most recent admission to Special studies. Subsequent evaluations occur at the end of each term provided a course has been completed. The result of an Academic Continuation Evaluation is that the student is Eligible to Continue (EC), on Academic Warning (AW), or is Required to Withdraw for Two Terms (WT).

The status Eligible to Continue (EC) signifies that a Special student's Overall CGPA meets or exceeds the minimum 3.00 required for continuation.

A Special student is considered to be on Academic Warning (AW) at an Academic Continuation Evaluation if:

  • their Overall CGPA is at least 1.00 but less than 3.00, and they were Eligible to Continue (EC) before the evaluation;
  • the previous evaluation was Academic Warning (AW), and the Term GPA for the current evaluation is 3.00 or greater but the Overall CGPA is less than 3.00.

A Special student is Required to Withdraw for Two Terms (WT) at an Academic Continuation Evaluation if:

  • they are on Academic Warning (AW) and do not achieve a Term GPA of 3.00; or,
  • their CGPA is less than 1.00 at the time of any Academic Continuation Evaluation.

A Special student who is Required to Withdraw for Two Terms (WT) may not return to Special studies for two terms.

6.7 Special Students Enrolling in Graduate-Level Courses

Anyone wishing to enrol in a graduate-level course as a Special student must obtain permission from the appropriate department. Requests are submitted through the registration system as a Course Override Request.  Anyone considering pursuing a graduate degree is urged to contact the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs prior to registration as a Special student.