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  • Bachelor of International Business (B.I.B.) (Honours)

Admission Requirements

First Year

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent including a minimum of six 4U or M courses. The six 4U or M courses must include English, Advanced Functions, and Calculus and Vectors.  Applicants who do not present with Calculus and Vectors must successfully complete MATH 0009 at Carleton in the Fall semester of first year in order to be eligible to continue.

For applicants whose first language is not English, the requirement of 4U English can also be met under the conditions outlined in “English Language Requirements” in the Admissions Requirements and Procedures section of this Calendar.

Advanced Standing

Applications for admission to second and subsequent years will be assessed on their merits, subject to available spaces. Advanced standing will be granted only for those courses that are determined to be appropriate. Students must present an Overall CGPA of 8.0 (equivalent to B average) or better. Students will not receive credit for courses with grades below C-.

Applications by B.Com. students for admission to the second or subsequent years of B.I.B. will be assessed on their merits. Students must present a major CGPA and an overall CGPA consistent with the Academic Performance Evaluation requirements for B.I.B. students. Advanced standing will be granted for those courses determined to be appropriate.

The design of the B.I.B. program is premised on a full year of study abroad (at third year) after the preparations leading to it are successfully completed at Carleton. Students who are admitted with advanced standing may need to delay the third-year abroad requirements until first and second year curricula are completed and consequently delay graduation.

Some transferred credits (normally electives) may have to be forfeited in order to meet the Third-year Study Abroad Requirement of minimum 4.0 credits completed during year abroad.