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  • Students must normally have an undergraduate degree in the discipline or in a related discipline with an overall GPA of  8.00 or higher,
  • OR admission by permission of a department, school, or institute.

Students may be required to present completed university-level courses with minimum grade requirements.

Students may be granted advanced standing to a maximum of 1.0 credit. Advanced standing does not negate the 3.0 credit residency requirement.

Access to Courses

Upon admission to a post-baccalaureate diploma, students may register for all diploma/discipline-specific courses without presenting prerequisite courses that are not components of the diploma. Note that for specific diplomas the permissions in courses outside of the discipline must be arranged in advanced.

Students pursuing a post-baccalaureate diploma are treated as students with fourth-year standing.

A co-operative education option is not available in conjunction with a post-baccalaureate diploma.